Monday, February 28, 2011

LiveStrong YMCA Mountain Bike Challenge--Lakeland, FL (2/27/11)

This past weekend, my mom, dad, and I took a break from series racing to participate in a charity race put on by Red Trail Racing at Loyce Harpe Park (used to be Carter Road Park) in Lakeland, Florida. The name of the race was the LiveStrong YMCA Mountain Bike Challenge and it was held to raise money for the Lakeland YMCA.

All three of us participated in the race. It was my mom's first time and she was pretty nervous. The trail was kind of hard in some places, with some really steep drops and a lot of climbing. I didn't have too much trouble with it, but Mom thought it was the hardest course she'd ever ridden. To get some idea of what the course was like, check out a few pictures taken of the trail, and my dad's video of the race at

Even though it was tough riding, the park was really pretty. Mom even saw a little alligator in one of the lakes while she was riding.

When the race was over and the results were in, we found out that all of us had done very well.

Dad raced in the "Serious" men's class and placed third.

Mom raced in the "Fun" women's class and placed third.

I raced in the Junior's 10-17 year-old class and I also placed third behind some boys that were much older and taller than me. Boy was I excited! I tried to do a wheelie at the finish line, but I was so exhausted that my wheel only got about an inch off the ground.

It was a great day for the family and we were all smiles. Mom also won the grand prize in the raffle; a 6-month free membership to the Lakeland YMCA. Because we don't live there and she couldn't use it, she gave it back and took a t-shirt instead. I also won a t-shirt in the raffle. My dad was the only one in the family who didn't win anything, but a lady who was helping run the event gave him a LiveStrong bandana anyway. Mom and I got to pose on the podium with all of the other t-shirt winners for a group photo that we were told "might" be part of a national campaign for the LiveStrong Foundation. How cool is that?

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