Sunday, June 16, 2013

2013 Ocala Race Weekend/Ocala Stage Race (6/15-16/13)

This weekend I got to do some road racing close to home at the Ocala Stage Race. Two years ago, I did the race and came in 2nd overall in the Juniors 10-12 class, which was pretty exciting because it was only my 2nd time racing on the road. Last year I missed it because it conflicted with a mountain bike race and I was bummed, so this year I couldn't wait to do it.

 Friday night before the race, we went out for our usual pre-race meal of pizza. This time, though, we met up with some other juniors and adults from the RedEye Velo team from Tallahassee. I raced against the boys in the Albany criterium a few weeks ago, and my parents became Facebook friends with the adults after they saw my video, which featured several of their riders. It was a good time. Over the weekend, we got to know the team better and it made for a more fun race event.

RedEye Velo guys
On Saturday, Harrison Knight, one of my FPR teammates, did his first road race in the 10-12 class. He did great, finishing in third place. Look at him doing the fist pump at the finish.

I had a good race too, breaking away with Eric (from RedEye) and winning the first stage.

The second stage was an individual time trial. This was only my 2nd road TT. My start was sketchy for this because the officials first told me that there was a ghost rider starting in front of me, meaning I had an extra 30 seconds to wait to start. Then, out of nowhere, the one official changed his mind and said I had 15 seconds to start. I wasn't even on my bike yet, so when he called "go" I wasn't clipped in. It made my start a little slower, but I put up a decent time and won that stage for my age group also, which put me solidly in the lead after the first 2 stages.

On Sunday, I lined up again for another road race, this one a little longer than Saturday's, at 15 miles. By the time we got to the second hill, Eric, who was riding behind me, told me he couldn't keep the pace to go with me this time, and I kind of rode away from him and the group. For about 13 or 14 miles it was just me riding behind the motorcycle cop who led us out. I ended up finishing way ahead of the next closest group, winning the stage and the overall. I got to cheer for the other guys as they crossed the finish line.

Sunday's finish

Me chilling with the RedEye team after Sunday's race  (Thanks Mrs. Sciba for the pic.)

My new friend Eric took second in the overall.