Tuesday, December 6, 2011

CC#3/FSC Make-Up Race--Hialeah, Florida (12/4/11)

Last weekend, the Florida State Championship series took me back to one of my very favorite courses--Amelia Earhart Park in Hialeah. (I know I say that a lot, but this one really is at the top of the list.) I love how fast it runs, and how well it flows. The local volunteers have really done a great job making Amelia a very fun course.

On Saturday, my dad and I went out for an easy first lap pre-ride. Well, we didn't get very far, because my dad slipped and fell and ripped his knee back open (gross!). I was pretty freaked out about it. While my mom and dad went to the ER to get him sewn back up, I pre-rode with Mr. Kovi and Bryce, and then went back with them to the Cattani's house to play and have dinner. It would've been a really great day if my dad hadn't messed his knee up again.

Sunday was much better. Well....actually, it almost wasn't. I couldn't find my glasses at the hotel when it was time to leave, and my mom finally found them under the pull-out couch. We got to the park 5 minutes before the start of the kids' race, and because my parents left early on Saturday, I never got registered. So...my mom had to rush and get Austin to register me so I could race. It was stressful!

Anyway, once I got lined up for the race, everything was ok. Dave blew the whistle and we were all surprised when Alex jumped out in front and took the lead. He made the rest of us work to keep up with him.

Josh on lap 1
Alex led for the first 2 laps, but as we came out of the woods and into the open, we both sprinted. Fortunately, I was able to overtake him and stay in front to the finish. It was a lot of fun!
Alex and me sprinting on the third lap and Mr. Fernando coaching
Jordan on the bridge
Shelby coming off the bridge

The Juniors' race was equally as exciting for me, because I had my best finish so far this season. Also, Dustin got a new cast on his wrist, which let him race, and that was really cool.
I had one of my best starts this week. I went into the woods in 5th place, right behind Dustin. Francisco was in second behind Jacob, but his chain came off shortly after we got into the woods which gave me the opportunity to move up to fourth when he had to stop to fix it.
Dustin rides with his new cast
Dustin rode really strong for a while, too, but then he pulled over and let everyone pass. For a little while, I got to be in third, until Tyler passed. I stayed right on his wheel, until he wrecked and two other adults wrecked in front of me, which cost me time as I tried to get around them. I was never able to catch up again and ended up finishing in fourth. It was still my best finish.

Adam and Jacob come in after lap 1
Francisco takes the berm before the climb

I actually came in 4th but there was some confusion between John and me when we took the podium.

My mom took a ton of really cool pictures for this race, but they wouldn't format right on the blog, so I had to leave them off. If you want to see some more, you can find them all on the mtbmike.com facebook page.