Friday, December 13, 2013

Specialized Demo Day December 2013

Most of last weekend I was at Santos Trails in Ocala. It was my first real opportunity to represent my new team, Whole Athlete/Specialized. On Saturday, I woke up at 7:00, got dressed, and rode over to the main Santos trail head from my house. Right when I got out of the trails, I managed to slice my back tire and 1hr 40mins into my 2hr 45min ride, I got a flat.
Me goofing around on the jumps at the Vortex
I had already made plans to help out at the Specialized demo truck from 10 am to 3 pm, so I just waited about 30 minutes until Fred, the Specialized rep, showed up. I helped set up the pit, get out the bikes, and set up the bikes so that they could be taken out and ridden. About halfway though the demo time, I mentioned that I had a flat tire during my morning training ride. The other rep (sorry, I can't remember his name) was very cool, and he went into the trailer and gave me a brand new Specialized tire, which I was able to put on my wheel. Talk about a great sponsor! For the rest of the time, I helped out with whatever was needed, and at 3:00, I helped pack up. Thanks to the awesome Specialized reps, I was able to finish my training and ride home. Overall, I had a great time hanging out with them, and it was fun seeing everybody at Santos testing out some super cool bikes!!