Wednesday, January 22, 2014

2014 Florida State CX Championship (1/19/14)

Last weekend was the Florida State Cyclocross Championship race in Dade City, FL. Once I arrived at the site, I put on my riding gear and got ready to do my warm-up. After 45 minutes and a lap of the course, I felt great and couldn't wait to race!

My wave included the Single-Speed and older Juniors, along with the 14 & Under racers. I lined up on the front row and prepared to sprint off the line. I was first off the start and sprinted away from everyone right away. I was catching the Single-Speed riders (who started 30 seconds before the Juniors) within the first 2 minutes.

After going all out on the first lap, my lungs felt like they were on fire from the chilly wind, so I backed it down a bit so I could recover. Two laps later, I decided to go all out for the last lap, and once I made it over the final hill and onto the flats, I sprinted to the finish line for the win.

I had a ton of fun riding the course. There were mud pits, sand pits, stairs, barriers, tight off-camber turns, hills, and a cool barn to ride through, which made it exciting. I also had a great time hanging out with my friends.

I can't think of a better way to start the 2014 year than to win the Florida State Cyclocross Championship in my age division, and I can't wait to go out to California next week for the team camp!!