Thursday, June 1, 2017

2017 UCI Junior Canada Cup Races

Me, Sandy, and Carson after our respective races
With the start of my race season not going as planned due to injuries and sickness, I was excited to go out of my country to race. The first of the two races was on Mont Tremblant in Quebec, Canada and featured wet technical rock and root sections that made for a very challenging and fun race. Off the start I fell back several positions and went into the single track in roughly the top 25. During the first lap I made several passes and was able to make my way into the top 15, closing in on the top 10. 

Throughout the rest of the laps, I kept making advancements in my position, until finally I caught up to 5th. After riding his wheel for a few minutes, I noticed him stumbling on a section of trail and made an attack around him. The two of us stayed together all the way to the finish line, where we had a sprint finish together and I beat him to finish in 5th place. It was a great feeling to be able to get up on the podium again!

Following a great performance at the first race, I was excited to get to Baie Saint Paul for the second race in Canada.  

Unfortunately, after having a good start and riding really well on the sea of roots that covered the course, I flatted on the A-line drop about 3/4 through the first lap while riding behind the leaders. After running back to the tech zone, I got a tube put in my tire and continued my race, now sitting in the top 25. 

Running back to the tech zone
I managed to move up several positions before getting another flat shortly after the tech zone, and had to run the whole second half of my second lap to get my flat fixed again. Once I reached the tech zone, the mechanic had issues getting a new tube, and I ended up getting a wheel exchange from the Summit Bike Club team. 

Finally, I was able to finish the race feeling very fatigued and tired. I'm very frustrated at my bad luck in the second race, but I'm really happy with how my fitness is coming back and how my technical skills were at the two races.

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